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State Your Allegiance cancelled
Saturday, 20 September 2003





The event at Gloucester dryslope on 4th October has been cancelled.

Unfortunately due to lack of support and financial aid, the Autumn Jam will not be going ahead this year. We had hoped that Animal (our main hopeful sponsor) would help us out but due to their commitment to other sporting events over the summer months, they were unable to offer us any sort of assistance for the Jam.

However, we are intending on reorganising the Jam for next year, and
will be writing off to sponsors before the end of the year - we have
come to the conclusion that such an event cannot be organised in such a short time!

Tom Ewbank says

Unfortunately we have been forced to cancel the Autumn Jam at Gloucester due to lack of support from potential sponsors. We will try and sort the event out for next year and will be taking a more militant approach to the sponsors.

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