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Wednesday, 05 November 2003




The Ride/Nixon JibbNight made it to the UK on 2 November at Chatham dryslope. One new competition - three new rails. The slope was crammed with rails and boxes; you couldn’t get down the hill with out jibing something.

Three new rails
The 40 foot long Animal rail is so long and stable, there’s enough time to get a pint in whilst riding it. The 30 foot Nixon down flat down box, is super stable and nice to ride. The 30 foot long, 5 foot high Blue J flat down rail is just plain intimidating. But one of the best dry slope rails there is.

Boardslide highlights
The whole night was pretty much ruled by Luke Paull and Sam Cullum, but other noticeables were Ryan Evans, John Cooper and Tom from MK. Luke Paull got a clean 50-50 the flat to front side 180 over the down on the Blue J flat down, so Sam Cullum stepped it up and pulled a cab board slide, gapping the flat section and landing almost at the end of the down.

Ryan Evans tried a couple of nice FS slides on the Animal rail, Sam was getting some speedy boardslides over it, James Broom was hitting it un-speed checked with some super clean 50-50s. Jon Weaver the decided it was time to set a new challenge and got everyonel to ride the Animal rail with roadwork cones on their heads, in an attempt to win a back pack.

Ripper Action
Loads of little rippers were ripping up the slope, and although none of them got on the Blue J or Animal rails, they gave the adults a good run for their money all the other rails, Rebecca and Sam got some nice board slides and 50-50s on the C rail and got some Natives.co.uk goodies for it, while Cody managed to boardslide the S rail (the Chatham S rail is very tight and nasty, soon to be rebuilt though).

Every one walked away with a spot prize in the end, pushing their limits to breaking point. In the true spirit of a Jam session the riders themselves did the judging by voting at the end:

Best Male: Sam Cullum
Best Female: Rebecca Cullum
Best Junior: Cody Heirons
Best Trick: Sam Cullum (gap to cab boardslide on the flat-down blue j rail)

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