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The 2004 Fabulous Tournament, Avoriaz
Friday, 21 November 2003





The idea for the Fabulous Tournamentcame out of the love, held by both Chuck Buisson (wannabe CBA bench warmer and amateur rider) and Matt Giraud (TAC Judge and junior high school point guard), of both Snowboarding and Basketball. Their shared vision was to create an event that combined the team and creative aspects of basketball for snowboarding.
2004 - We're moving to Avoriaz!
New Rookie Qualifications
Main Comp
The Ticket to Ride
the official website from October 25th for regular updates.

From this beginning, our goal was to build an event that celebrated the lifestyle of snowboarding and urban culture; bringing artists, riders and musicians together in a festival environment.

An important part of the Fabulous Tournament concept was to treat the riders as top professional athletes. We wanted to create an event where the riders want to come back to year after year.

After the first year success of the Fabulous Tournament in Flaine, the second edition will see the competition moving to the resort of Avoriaz, located in the heart of the "Portes du Soleil" region of the French Alps.

Once again, Two teams made up of the Worlds best riders go head to head in a " Rookies" vs. "All-stars" format The 2004 Fabulous Tournament will be held in Avoriaz, France on January 24th-30th , 2004.

Moving forward we are making some changes to the event structure to improve on what was built and to develop the concept further.

The Fabulous Tournament is committed to bringing new talent to the forefront of snowboarding. We have developed a new Rookie Qualifying format which will feature up to 50 rookies fighting it out for a place in the final "Rookies" team. The eight best from this qualification will form the 2004 Rookie team. The Qualifications will take place between the 25th and 27th of January .

The final Rookie team will then challenge eight of the world's best riders whom will form the "All-Stars" over two days of fierce competition.

Will be down to eight Riders. 2004 All-Star invitations will be given to Ton Ton Holland (2003 MVP), Romain De Marchi and Jonas Emery from last year's winning team.

The main competition will be reduced from four days to two days and take place on Wednesday, January 28th and Thursday, January 29th on two unique and original slope style courses created by some of Europe's best shapers.

Despite being only its second year, The Fabulous Tournament has already been accepted as a qualifying event for the TTR Pro Snowboarding Tour. Three spots will be issued for automatic qualification for the QuikSilver Slope Style Pro taking place in Les Arcs on March 14th - 18th , 2004.

"The Fabulous Tournament presented a new and progressive format into the snowboard contest community last season. For a first time event it received serious acclaim from riders, media and public alike. The Ticket to Ride (TTR) Pro Snowboarding community encourages creative new initiatives and contest formats that foster the progression while encouraging the fun found within freestyle snowboarding. The TTR is stoked to announce the inclusion of the Fabulous Tournament onto the TTR Pro Snowboarding Tour this year as a Qualification Event (TTR QE) and we look forward to another great year for the organisers and sponsors of this original and testing contest." - Drew Stevenson TTR


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