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Tuesday, 25 November 2003





A brand new nursery slope and Snowflex system is being built and installed at Halifax Snowsports Centre. The centre has benefited from a Snowflex main slope for 2 years and been widely recognised as a centre of excellence for both skiers and snowboarders. Work begins today (24 November 2003), and should be completed by Christmas.

The new beginners slope will be built adjacent to the Ski Lodge on land currently disused. The 300 m2 area will provide the opportunity to learn in the safety which has been enjoyed by the main slope and provide the centre with a new marketing base on which to attract the public to snowsports.

Halifax has enjoyed wide recognition for its slope design and surface for the past two years, being one of the highlights on the AIM circuit along with Hillend and Sheffield Ski Village.

On finalising the plans Brian Thomas, Briton Engineering MD said “Having a nursery slope at Halifax will be a great feeder to the main slope. The centre has always needed a Snowflex nursery area to attract beginners, this will now provide an outstanding facility for the locals and the wider UK scene”.


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