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News from the Fabulous! Day 3
Thursday, 29 January 2004






Day three

Rookie vs All Star: half time results
1st quarter basket ball game: dunk, showtime and lot’s of fresh snow!
After an epic basket ball game this morning won by the All Stars, the Rookies were super motivated to get their revenge on snow.
Once again a load of fresh powder changed the original schedule making the Snowpark un-rideable; resulting in an exclusive jib session.
Between comp session riders got the chance to ride powder in forest, talk to the space junk artists, painters, designers and photographers
who are exposing different artistic styles: photos, paintings and sculptures inspired from skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding culture.
The artists exposing Olivier Chassignole who picked a selection of his bestwork from skateboarding brand cliché. The wall of Fabulous
Tournament village has been decorated with board graphics and other works from Leonard Accorsi and Nicolas Thomas who also performed a
live painting session on Monday. Artist and designer Pascal Julliard brought three different piece of art, some stylish steel chairs.
Info about those artists can be found on www.spacejunkgallery.com.

2nd quarter jib session: new trick, cash give away and rookie get back in the game.
During an hour of extended training which allowed the All-star riders to get used to the added fourth feature, the level of riding stepped
up big time.
The All Star team lead by team captain Jonas Emery had their best offensive weapons in the name of Tonton Holland 2003 MVP and
Mathieu Crepel 2003 best rookie along with Tadashi Fuse who did the whole session riding switch.
The Rookie team had their best chance to get capture the best trick with Ronnie Andersson, Sylvain lami Monney, Emeric Front, Jules
Reymond, Massimo Galfre, Marcus Wherle, Joel Strecker and Jonathan Menthon. (Basically the whole team!!!) The young guys just rock on rails nowadays….
During this session ONBOARD staged a 30 minute 500 Euro cash giveaway. Riders winning cash were Sylvain lami Monney, Emeric Front,
Tonton Holland, Jonas Emery, and Jules Reymond.
In the main comp, the hallf time results are the following:-
Rossignol Snowboards “back board”wall ride : Emeric Front - FS 270 boardslide FS revert
Fabulous “Slam dunk” kink rail : Massimo Galfre - Boardslide
Fabulous “Finger roll S-rail” : Joel Strecker -Ffrontside boardslide
Fabulous “Over time” flat gap rail Tonton Holland - Nose press to 5-0 FS revert
Current rankings for 2004 MVP trophy
1. Mathieu Crepel
2. Tonton Holland
3. Ronnie Andersson
Tonight will see the Jib Park Finals with the Snow Park competition and prize taking place tomorrow morning.

For more information please contact:-

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