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Sunday, 01 February 2004







3rd quarter: free ride, roof riding and chilling

As the second day of Fabulous Tournament Finals kicked off snow was still a part of the game. Thus making the scheduled slopestyle session impossible and riders had the liberty to ride the powder riding between Avoriaz to Morzine, roof/cliff drop or simply chilling session with some tasty Hogaarden in the FT village. The third quarter allowed riders to re-charge their batteries before the decisive last quarter.

4th quarter: the All Stars get back in the game as the Rookie’s showboat!

Once again riders warmed up on the Jib Park under snowy conditions which did not bother them as they stepped up their riding level from the previous jib session. All of the four features had been ridden as hard as possible along with an impressive team spirit in both camps. By the end of the session the only best trick remaining from first session was performed on Rossignol Snowboards ‘back board’ Wall by Emeric Front ( FS 270 Boardslide 270 out) which put the Rookies ahead with by capturing the only 3 point feature of the eight available. Rookie 3 – All stars 0

Last year’s best Rookie Mathieu Crepel, promoted to All-Star status ripped off two best tricks during this last jib session getting the first two points for his team with a FS 180 switch Five O revert on the down flat down fabulous slam dunk rail, and he scored again on the Fabulous ‘dunk’, flat down rail, with a cab 270° FS boardslide revert. At this stage All-Stars were in the lead by 4 points to 3.

The remaining feature was the Fabulous finger roll S-rail, which nobody seemed able to slide completely, Italian Rookie Massimo Galfre, boardslide it twice in the last minute of the game. Just as the Avoriaz public thought the session was over, Rookie showmen Marcus Wherle from Australia decided to drop from the adjacent school roof, with a great landing on more than one meter of powder accumulated over the last 48 hours.

The session was over leaving the Rookies leading with 6 points (One extra point for Marcus’s showtime trick) vs. 4 for the All Stars.

After two days of jibbing, riders were frustrated by the weather conditions which kept them out of the Snowpark. After a rider meeting all riders, with the exception of Beckna (Who had to leave because of filming commitments) decided to stay an extra day to complete the comp. Eirik Haugo was selected "off the bench" status to complete the All Star team line-up.

Over time: Slopestyle, Sun and the Awards ceremony

The over time started at on Friday and featured four features, a double Protest sky hook ledge, on which multi combos were possible. Jules Reymond showed off with extra clean BS nose press to FS boardslide that gave 2 more points for the rookies, even though Tonton Holland (switch butter to nose press BS 180 switch 50/50 to revert) and Mathieu Crepel ( 50/50 one foot) tried their best the steal the best trick.

The three other features, freshly reshaped over night by Jean Noel Calvet, allowed the riders to link their tricks.

Jonathan Menthon was the only rider with enough balls to try the Dragon ‘cross over' step down twin table, he performed a FS 180° cross over. The other riders rather liked to jump them straight to perform technical tricks. Mathieu Crepel impressed the judges with sick tricks such as a switch BS 720° mute. The Rossignol Snowboards ‘Fast break’ big air, wasn't huge but allowed tricks such as a cab 1080 performed by Joel Strecker to backside 900 from Emeric Front to a switch BS 720 by the all star substitute Eirik Haugo.

The best trick on this feature was awarded to none other than the All Star team Captain Jonas Emery who gave the word perfection a new meaning with a FS butter to switch BS 720 melon. The All Stars were coming back with the score 10 points even. The Fabulous’ No look’ gap over the cabin was a money time moment to decide which team would get the Fabulous Tournament title and the ‘bling bling’ championship rings. The All-Stars were throwing their best tricks in an attempt to capture the 2004 Fabulous Tournament - Peter Strom BS 540, Jonas FS 720, Mathieu Crepel BS 720. The older guys were clearly letting their riding do the trash talking, only Ronnie Andersson wasn’t listening and through up some resistance with a smooth cab 540. Gian Simmen was warming up as the session moved on killed the game with his special move - a BS 720° Roast beef at the buzzer. Game over,…All-Stars win!

It was then on the Awards ceremony and a special award, the Rossignol Snowboards limited edition leather jackets awards presented by Jan Recorbet awarded to:

Emeric Front - Rossignol snowboards back board wall

Massimo Galfre - Fabulous S rail

Mathieu Crepel - MVP

Thanks to all the Fabulous and Avoriaz teams and riders for another great event. Also, special thanks go to Christian Savio from the Nescafe Championships for being so understanding regarding the extra day required to complete the comp.


Fabulous dunk rail flat down / Mathieu Crepel / cab 270° FD boardslide revert

All star 2 points

Rossignol Snowboards back board wall / Emeric Front FS 270° boardslide 270° out

Rookie 3 points

Fabulous S rail / Massimo Galfre / boardslide

Rookie 5 points

Fabulous slam dunk down flat down / Mathieu Crepel / FS 180 to switch 50/50 boardslide revert

All stars 4 points

Special showmen Marcus Wehrle

Rookie 6 points

Protest sky hook ledge / Jules Reymond/ nose press to FS boardslide

Rookie 8 points

Dragon twin table / Mathieu Crepel / Switch Backside 720° Mute

All star 6 points

Rossignol snowboards Big Air / Jonas Emery / Butter to Switch BS 720° Melon

All star 8 points

Fabulous gap over cabin / Gian Simmen / Backside 720° Roast beef

All star 10 points

Winning team: - All Stars 10 vs. Rookies 8

Top Three Riders

The ‘Tristan Picot’ MVP award : Mathieu Crepel

2nd Place : Ronnie Andersson

3rd Place : Emeric Front

The above three riders receive tickets to Quiksilver Slopestyle Pro

Rookie Team All Star Team

Joel Strecker (Captain) Jonas Emery (Captain)

Jonathan Menthon Tonton Holland

Ronnie Anderson Gian Simmen

Massimo Galfre Tadashi Fuse

Jules Reymond Mathieu Crepel

Marcus Wehrle Martin Cernik

Emeric Front Peter Strom

Sylvain Lami Monnet Thomas ”Beckna” Eberhart

Off the Bench :- Frode Scarboe Off the Bench:- Eirik Haugo

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