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Big Expansion Plan for Borovets
Monday, 01 March 2004





Borovets, Bulgaria's oldest and best known ski area, is set for a 100 - 150 million Euro ($125m-175m US) upgrade to make it a "modern European resort" according to Sofia District Governor Olimpi Katev, speaking in a local TV interview. Bulgaria's Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg visited the resort recently to discuss the plans with local leaders.

Although the specifics of the investment are yet to be finalized, an urban development plan is due to be completed later this year. Preliminary reports include an additional 80km (50 miles) of runs on Rila mountain, the country's highest. If correct, would be one of the largest ski are expansions of the past 20 years. Reports also suggest that a 25km (16 mile) long ski run would be created between the outskirts of the Borovets to the nearby Ice Lake.

The project provides also includes the cobnstruction of a new tourism complex Samokov-Borovetz-Beli Iskar.

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