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OPTION and NFA team update
Tuesday, 02 March 2004





As winter becomes spring and the powder slowly turns to slush, the Option and NFA teams have been scouring the globe, looking to push the progression of the sport. "Some of the things that I have heard our team guys doing are really hard for me to believe, I can’t wait to see the videos and photos come out!" states team manager Scotty Goodale.

Joni Makinen is back after a year of hiatus and has been busy traveling around Europe shooting photos with various U.S. and European photographers. On one particular day of shooting Joni built a jump and proceeded to fire off his unique bag of tricks, not falling once, and bagging a handful of sequences. News of this day reached the Transworld office and "the man of mystery" was soon called up for a story. Joni wants to wrap up his Euro coverage in the next couple of weeks and then head over to the states for the rest of the winter.

Seymour Skid Kevin Sansalone has been hard at work this year filming for White-out films "Positron". Kevin spent the beginning of the year working on his rails. He took a trip to Calgary, Alberta and a trip to Kamloops B.C. with Chris Dufficy and bagged some technical rail moves. Lately he has been sledding in the Whistler backcountry with Canadian friends Kale Stephens and Devun Walsh. On a particular day Kevin was seen doing a hundred foot plus straight air on one of the famous Canadian booters. All you advanced shredders know how hard and scary that move is! You can see a sneak peek of Sansalone action in the White-out teaser "Positron" at www.white-outfilms.com Kevin’s side project the new Seymour skids movie "Never trust a man with a moustache" is well underway so you can peep that teaser at www.seymourskids.com . If you are fortunate enough to live in the wonderful land of Canada turn the channel to MTV and see the new teen sensation give away one of his new 04-05 Sansalone pro-models.

Salt Lake City, Utah has had snow in the city almost all winter long, and Jordan Mendenhall has been reaping the benefits. Jordan is hard at work this winter filming his part for the Holden movie "Love/ Hate". Mendenhall is stoked at being surrounded by all the best rail riders in the sport and is truly shining under the circumstances. "Jordan has the best style, it looks like he’s skateboarding when he’s doing rails" says Justin Hebbel. Jordan has some never seen before rail moves and paid the price to get them. On a recent trip to Denver, Colorado, Mendenhall fell victim to injury when he got in a fight with a certain 32 stair handrail. The handrail was declared victorious, earning its first T.K.O. and rendering Jordan unconscious. Jordan woke up in the hospital needing surgery on a bone around his eye. Mendenhall is healing up quickly and will join the rest of the team at the Transworld team challenge.
Whistler local Travis Williams is really spreading himself out this year and taking on a multitude of projects. Travis has been out filming in the Whistler backcountry with the Standard films crew, locking down unique pillow lines and technical cliff drops. Everyday Williams goes out with Standard he seems to get a shot. You can witness Travis’s slaughter this fall in Standard’s new movie "Hey Buddy". He has also been working with Alterna action films again this year for their new movie "Fast food". Williams has been consistently performing well, recently finishing 5th in slope style at the 2004 X-games in Colorado. Travis will continue his contest circuit for the next couple of weeks attending the slope style contest in Hokkaido, Japan as well as "the Battle" in Riksgransen, Sweden.

Kendra Starr and TWS senior photographer Mark Gallup seem to be attached at the hip this season. Kendra started off the year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where she got an amazing photo 50-50ing a 26 stair handrail. In her first go at the rail she accidentally locked into a frontside boardslide before the cameras were even set up. Dang! Starr then went to Chatter Creek, B.C. to gather some more photos, but the trip was cut short due to some high avalanche danger. Kendra just took off to Spain where she is working on an up and coming Transworld story with close friend Victoria Jealouse.

The newest edition to our Pro team Mr. Patrick McCarthy doesn’t seem to ever take a break. I got word that McCarthy already has 30 jump shots. Patrick spent a little time in Salt Lake City, Utah this year gathering shots for his part with Finger on the Trigger productions new movie "Moment of Truth". McCarthy has also been filming for Think Thank’s movie "Thunk". Jesse Burtner and the Holden crew recently visited Mt. Baker, Washington where Patrick’s jump consistency stole the show. Patrick has some never seen before jump moves on some high consequence jumps that are sure to draw him attention this fall. McCarthy recently won a half-pipe contest at Snowqualimie pass ski area. After the comp, he went and threw down a substantial payment on his newly acquired Toyota truck -complete with the Bling’in rims!

Austrian Shred Martin "Rasi" Rasinger has been traveling throughout Europe this year competing in various events put on by Europeon magazines Onboard, Playboard and Ambient. He has also been filming for The Playboard magazine DVD. Rasi juggles his schedule around university work where he is studying to become a dentist.

U.K. rider Ryan Davis spent the beginning of the year in the states refining his skills in Mammoth and then traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah were he joined photographer Dan Milner on a photo shoot. Ryan has been spreading himself out this year getting a nice mix of photos as well as doing some competitions in France.

Option and NFA’s regional AM army have been getting after it this winter as well. Ben Bogart of Truckee, CA has been shredding the Boreal park a lot as well as filming for Think Thank’s movie "Thunk". Dirk Dye over in South Lake Tahoe has been busy compiling jib shots, snowmobiling and looking forward to helping out at the South Shore soldiers camp this spring. Dirk’s been getting some coverage in Heckler magazine as well as Mission Six outerwear ads. Grant Glenn of Park City, Utah has been competing in half-pipe events all winter. Grant placed 15th at the Grand prix in Mammoth, California as well as 9th at the world super-pipe championships recently in Park City, Utah.

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