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Two Dome Projects Slip to 2005
Friday, 23 July 2004




Two snowdome projects that were due to open this year have been delayed to 2005 openings.
Snowplanet, the first indoor snow centre in New Zealand and only the second to open in the southern hemisphere since one of the world's first in Adelaide, Australia in the late 1980s, no plans to open "early 2005."
However snowdomes in Kuwait and Dubai are under construction and both look likely to also open, on schedule, in 2005.
It is not uncommon for opening dates to be set back for snowdomes and work at SnowPlanet has begun with the first steel columns of the structure going up at the end of last month.
The local mayor John Law, a number of council representatives and local media attended a small on-site ceremony on 25 June celebrating the commencement of the construction of Snowplanet's snowdome.
Mr Law commented on the opportunities offered by the snowdome to the local community and the strong relationship that has developed between Snowplanet and the Council. Furthermore, he referred to a range of initiatives underway in the area to create a strong leisure and business cluster in Rodney District, benefiting the community at large.
"The anticipated opening date, a number of months ahead of the on-mountain snowsport season, will enable guests to get great value from the facilities to be offered by Snowplanet ahead of the winter season." Said a spokesperson.
In Germany the long anticipated SnowFunPark has had its opening date set back again, this time to Autumn next year. The slope is being supported by "a well known tourism-region from the Alps and numerous private-investors" and will become the latest holder of the title "World's largest indoor snow slope" - by slope area if not length.
The 330m long main slope will be 80 metres wide giving a total slope area of 30,000ms - equivalent to eight soccer pitches. The centre will also incorporate a world cup half pipe. It is located at Wittenburg, approximately 30 minutes drive from Hamburg and approximately 90 minutes from Berlin.

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