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Big Snowfalls in Australia
Friday, 13 August 2004




Almost a metre of fresh snow has fallen in Perisher Blue in Australia this week, taking the official snow depth to around two metres (6 feet, 8 inches) and rising.
Snowy Hydro Limited's weekly measurement at Spencer's Creek, two kilometres away from the resort, taken every Thursday, has a recording of 199.4cm.
Cold fronts originating from Antarctica have been lining up on almost a weekly basis since the season commenced in early June and have not stopped since. These low-pressure systems have been bringing with them the perfect combination of cold air and moisture, resulting in light dry snowfall.
Local pundits are commenting that this quality and consistency has not been seen for many seasons. Although it is early times, they are even comparing this winter to the great seasons of 1981, '92 and 2000, where snow started early and stayed consistent and deep throughout.
According to the Bureau of Meteorology, snowfall is to continue throughout the weekend and into early next week. With 1245 hectares of terrain to enjoy, visitors to Perisher Blue can be virtually assured of finding untouched powder snow for many, many days to come.

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