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X-Treme Snowboard Trax (A Music Company LTD) Released 28/03/05
Tuesday, 15 February 2005




I have to be honest with you here, the only reason I watch skate/snowboard programmes is because I am a sick fucker. I get a cheap thrill from the sight of people getting twisted and mangled when trying to attempt highly complex tricks to impress everybody around them. There you go, Iíve admitted it now, my guilty sin out in the open for all to see. But letís be honest, we all have that same sick sense of humour. There's always somebody whoís the butt of the joke, and Iím so much happier that for once itís these body-perfect, sporty people kitted out in expensive designer threads and with more money than sense.
Itís like the revenge of the nerdsÖ But hereís the twist; whilst sitting patiently waiting for the next air born idiot to crash and burn, you start to get involved with whatís flashing before your eyes on the screen. You start to root for specific boarders, you get caught in the moment and find yourself utterly transfixed by the shapes, styles, stunts and the balls these people have! Iím not an expert but the ability to create these shapes, defy gravity and not break every bone in your body must be like a gift sent from some divine being.
But there's more to this than the competition of it all. Thereís something much bigger behind the sport, and thatís the scene; the music directly connected with it (Skate-Punk, Hip-Hop, Techno), the fashion, and the party-like ethics.
Thereís also a bit of a direct parallel with The Hippy movement of the late 60ís, except replace the mind numbing effects of dope with the body numbing temperatures of the snow and the pure adrenalin rush of a sport that involves taking so many risks and defying so many laws of physics. This DVD is a spectacular example of why theyíll accomplish more than the hippies, and the music that soundtracks it so perfectly (Pennywise, Bad Religion, Sugarcult, The Starting Line, Home Grown) means so much more to me than the flowered up, loved up twee sounds of the past.
If only they included all the original promo videos too, then this would have been something that would have appealed to a greater market.
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