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National Ski & Snowboard Day [March 4th 2006]
Monday, 27 February 2006




You can try sliding on skis or a snowboard in the UK on an artificial slope or an indoor slope with real snow, or you could commit to a trip to snowier climes and a real ski resort – in Scotland, Europe, or North America.

On March 4th 2006, National Ski & Snowboard Day, companies involved in anything to do with snowsports will arrange special offers, events, promotions and competitions to encourage new skiers and snowboarders to take some action to give our great sports a ‘go’.

Win, Save and Do - Give Skiing and Boarding a 'Go' on 4th March!

Holiday companies, tourist boards, airlines, shops, artificial ski slopes, Scottish ski slopes, indoor ski slopes, ski websites and other snowsports-related organisations are all involved in National Ski and Snowboard Day, aiming to raise the profile of snow related activities and to encourage more people to try skiing or snowboarding.

Skiing is one of the healthiest activities. 30 minutes skiing burns 247 calories. This compares to 189 calories for 30 minutes cycling, 192 calories for 30 minutes canoeing, 162 calories golfing and 114 calories fishing. It works all major muscle groups – and all this in the fresh clear mountain air, and often blue sunny skies.

“The Turin Winter Olympics will create a platform from which we can promote a sport which is not only fun and fashionable, but that is good for you too. How many other sports encourage you to work out at altitude in clean mountain air? The introduction of new technologies and wider carving skis, means that most skiers and boarder are able to ski down a hill unaided within a day, and improvement comes fast thereafter” says Caroline Stuart Taylor, Chief Executive of the Ski Club of Great Britain, who strongly supports the day: She continues "We are positive that March 4th 2006 will be a really exciting day with lots on offer and I hope many people will grab this chance to give snowsports a ‘go’."

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