Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The concept of skiing or snowboarding in this arid Middle Eastern city is peculiar enough, but Ski Dubai, the colossal new indoor ski and snowboard center in Dubai, recently wrapped up a series of summer snowboard camps sponsored by Burton.

The Burton Snowboarding Camps took place from August 5 to 9 at Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates. The five-day camps were conducted by Ski Dubai’s resident instructors and two of Burton’s best global riders, Gigi Ruf, and Sani Alibabic.

“This is a one-off opportunity for snowboarders in the region to take their skills to the highest level," said Fuad Al Najjar, General Manager for Ski Dubai. "We are offering instruction by Ski Dubai’s qualified instructors for the first two days of the camp and the Burton riders joined the training sessions for the next two days.

“To wind up the camp there was a three-hour freestyle session to showcase the freestyle skills guests learned in the course, and allow them the opportunity to ride with professional riders,” Al Najjar added.