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Snowboarding on Nintendo Wii
Monday, 19 March 2007




Tilting the left controller steers the character left and right, while pushing up on the control stick increases speed. Snapping up on the left controller launches the snowboarder. When in the air, moving the right controller left or right performs a spin, while moving it up or down makes the snowboarder flip.
All of this may seem daunting at first, but the controls start to feel natural after a short while.
Performing Ubertricks is very difficult, because the player has to actually draw shapes in the air while holding down a specific button. (If they were easy to do, they wouldn't be uber, now, would they?) Since some Ubertricks aren't listed, experimentation can yield rewarding hidden maneuvers.
Players are free to bust phat tricks all over the mountain in assorted races, slope-style, big-air and half-pipe competitions, as well as swishing through slalom courses, exploring the backcountry in free-ride and trying any of a wide variety of challenges.
Even though some of the characters and courses are recycled from past “SSX” titles and the game lacks online play, “SSX Blur” on the Wii is a blast.

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