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Introducing Windlip snowboards
Tuesday, 23 October 2007





j163c.JPGWindlip Snowboards is a company based in the French Alps with a new idea.

They make high end top quality boards whilst giving the rider the maximum amount of input on the design, build and graphics.

So like their cousins who ride waves, snowboarders get a full custom board. Using the highest quality materials, all boards are lovingly hard crafted to give customers a unique experience of riding a board that they designed. Custom boards have been available for surfers since day one, now snowboarders can get the same deal.

The heart and soul of snowboarding lies deep in the mountains. At Windlip we transform the inspiration gained from riding our local peaks into tangible ideas and innovative designs. We create boards for big lines, steep couloirs and fresh powder days. Boards with blistering performance that carve hard on the pack and are equally at home in tight trees.

Also interesting to note that Windlip has joined the “One percent for the planet” organisation. By doing so they agree to donate 1% of their revenue per year to enviromental issues and charites. So when you buy a Windlip board you too are supporting the planet.

And also important: Windlip are one of the few manufacturers using Magic Potion, the latest product in the eco lab. Specifically a base wax that leaves no residue in the snow when you glide over it. Which means that it has no impact on the environment.

At snowbroader, we like this approach, this is why we wanted to present you Windlip snowboards!

Read more at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/Wwwsnowbroadereu/~3/173908984/.

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