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Hans Ahlund's drive-by vs. Eirik Haugo's fly-by week!
Monday, 12 November 2007





As usual, monday morning is BrOADER[week] time!
This week we treat you with a double BrOADER[week] and a face-to-face between two pirates: Hans Ahlund which we met in Paris and recorded live during the Pirate’s Premiere and Eirik Haugo which wrote us about his plans for the week!

hans ahlund eirik haugo

Ok so Hans Ahlund was a bit wasted ;) coz the booze was flowing during the Paris Premiere, however he’s fun to watch and is off for an iberic road trip part of the RedBull Drive-by:

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And for Eirik, it off to the US:

“Here’s how my week looks.

  • Monday: Wake up around 9. Go swim for a couple of hours. Get home to lunch and start to pack my boardbag. Surf the web and make dinner ready for when my girl comes home from school.
  • Tuesday: Wake up at 7.30, kiss my girl goodbye and catch the train to Oslo. Hook up with my buddy Christopher. Go visit some friends in Oslo and eat some good food. Go to sleep.
  • Wednesday: Wake up at around 5 and catch the train to the airport together with Christopher kvaernberg and Haakon Tonnesen. Fly to Los Angeles via London. Land in LA at 14.30. Get the rental car and drive to Santa Barbara where we will stay the first night at some relatives of mine. Probably go to sleep pretty early because of the jetlag.
  • Thursday: Wake up early and go surf somewhere. Drive to Las Vegas. Go gambling and drinking.
  • Friday: Drive to Denver, Colorado. Hook up with Cristopher’s friend Gushi. Deliver the rental car. Borrow Gushi’s Range Rover sport V8 supercharge.
  • Saturday: Drive to Breckenridge. Find our appartment and pick up our lift tickets. Go snowboarding if we have time.
  • Sunday: Snowboarding Snowboarding Snowboarding Snowboarding!!!!!!

Hope this is ok! Eirik”

Read more at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/Wwwsnowbroadereu/~3/183304492/.

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