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Pow pow week for Lisa vs. Rails for Gulli
Monday, 19 November 2007





Pow pow week for Lisa Filzmoser

We thank Lisa Filzmoser and Gulli Gudmunsson for sharing their plans for the coming week with us!
It’s funny but as you will see their programs are worlds apart even though Lisa and Gulli are both in Europe.
But Lisa is in powpow filled Austria whereas Iceland’s Gulli is in Sweden rocking rails!

So here we go, ladies first:

Gulli  GudmunssonHi!
I just came back to Innsbruck from a pretty nice weekend in Vorarlberg. We got some sweet pow pow here in Austria. It is like in a dream for this time of the year.
Two weeks ago I thought about going to Colorado to ride some parks.
My plans changed. I will go for more powder this week. Haha!

Nothing else specific planned for this week. Just on Tuesday night there is 80s party. ;)
I hope it will keep on snowing like that this season!

(pics are from yesterday made by my boyfriend Alvaro with his little digi)

my next week is gonna be good I hope!
On monday morning I will wake up early and leave for the first ridingday
this season with the snowboarding school that Iam in so thats gonna be cool.
Tuesday I will do a geografi test in school and let the teachers know that I
have to get free from school the rest of the week, after school i will go to
the gym and train my shoulder after colarbone injury so I will be good for
The reason why I have to get free from school is because I will be leaving
for a streetrail trip to Sundsvall in Sweden for the rest of the week.
The guys that I will be working with is a great team, Its gonna be Andreas
(Andy) Gidlund, Chris Sörman and the photographer Peter Lundström.
Its gonna be fun to find out how my filming/photoshooting season is gonna start hehe.
So my coming week is exiting and with alot snowboarding so its awesome :)

Hope you are doing good!


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