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The Now. Your life. Your choice.
Sunday, 25 November 2007





thenow.jpg“Sometimes referred to as being in "the Zone", "The Now" refers to a state of being in total commitment, free from thought, and where one may loose track of time and mechanics. With "The Now" we set the intention to show the viewer how top level athletes from various genres use this practice as part of their success.”

"The NOW" is an inspirational docu-drama by Rich Van Every that exposes a greater awareness of human potential through choosing to live more often in the present moment. Stories of innovative athletes pushing the limits illustrate the values of living a life of passion and purpose.

This film takes the audience on a deeper journey of sport and life into a new light to better understand that within each moment exists an opportunity to have impact and make a real difference in those around us and the world.
Focusing on action sports heroes, big mountain rider Jeremy Jones will be the main snowboarder revealing his experience of The Now.
We are looking forward to this movie which is planned to be released in one year.

Thanks Tanja for letting us know about it!

Read more at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/Wwwsnowbroadereu/~3/190187509/.

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