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Festiglisse to rock Grenoble's campus!
Thursday, 29 November 2007






Back in the days, when we used to be students in Grenoble, Festiglisse was created by local snow and gym hero Nico Didry and his crew from the Ride School of the Grenoble Universities.
It was a cool little event on the campus focusing on promoting the “ride spirit” to the students but also educating them on preservation, avalanche rescue and so on, with wild parties to top it off!
Well 10 years later - fuck! - and Festiglisse has steadily growned into a big event that all the students from Grenoble are looking for! The parties are still the wildest thanks to the Boolimix beats, but the event now proposes not only a snow village on the Campus but also workshops and conferences like: the Salomon Video show, Gearing tuning classes, Snow and avalanches conference, Rip Curl Himalaya trip, Apple video festival and the much awaited amateur video contest!
snowbroader.eu is a backing Festiglisse: The Boolimix DJs will be wearing snowbroader tees tonight and the winner of the Amateur video contest will get his video featured on snowbroader.eu.
Enjoy Festiglisse - you’ll have great memories of it when you grow old… ;) - and go to the Disco-rétro party tonight!!

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