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ARTEC board, ELM beanies, Pirate DVDs winners announced!
Monday, 03 December 2007





Hey everybody! Let’s start the week with a smile!
It’s gonna snow over 1m of freshy in the Alps this week and we are now going to announce the winners of our latest WIN STUFF contests.
Before we do so, thanks for taking part and thanks to Dorothée at Artec, Noémie at ELM Company and Ludschi from the Pirates for giving us those prices for you to win!

So here are the lucky winners:

  • Walk the plank DVDs: BuLus and Ben Howells
  • ELM beanies: Laetitia Bacot wins the Marley, Guillaume Mortier gets the Huntington, and Benoit Dolbeau will wear the Faire isle this winter!

Thanks for the pictures and stories you sent us to enter this contest. Here are some of the pics we got from people who entered the competition. Remember the idea was to send the best picture of the most stupid, original, weird snowboard beanie you had ever seen!

Now for the serious stuff! These ain’t no slashes, folks…These are the pure breeds…Here is the winner for Male Model of the Year and proud owner of brand new ARTEC TEAM board: Pablo! (comment n°41)
Well done BrO!
artec team boardAll the winners will be contacted by email this week.

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