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Proximus Xtreme report
Thursday, 06 December 2007





Our local reporter on the Belgium scene is The G.!

Today he blesses us with his first report: the Proximus Xtreme.

“What has a country like Belgium to do with winter sports? Well, nothing on the first view, but just look closer and you’ll see that even if we do not have mountains, we have some crazy riders and events!
The setup from the Proximus Xtreme is big: a huge hip, huge kickers good for some big airs and crazy tricks.
The show started on a high note with some FMX riders flying high, throwing crazy tricks in the air (superman, backflip, ...) and landing on snow!
Then came the flying ski-doos, those things have more than a 100 hp, and those ski-doo’s aren’t as easy to ride as a light BMX, no, we’re talking about some big heavy ski-doos with some unconscious riders on them doing superman!

But I haven’t talked about the skiers and snowboarders yet!
They are the reason we went there and the highlight of the show, so they’d better show us some mad tricks. And they did! We’ve seen some enormous tricks from switch 540s to big 900! Those guys show they got balls, flying high doing some crazy things and then landing on the shortest reception I ever seen for such a kicker. This is extreme!

But sometimes extreme goes too far, and then bad things can happen. I’m talking about Anthony Smits, the Belgian snowboarder who took off fast, real fast, missed the hip landed to far...and crashed hard! I could feel the pain for him, some people rushed to help him out, he was transferred to hospital whit a knee out of his bowl, but he’s doing fine at the moment don’t worry. And then there was that other FMX rider who broke both his wrists while landing…
This was the first time that that kind of event was organized in Belgium, so we’ll forgive them the waiting time between jumps (maybe because the crash of Anthony), bad transitions, and some other things we could have criticized. However in global we had a quality show with high level riders showing what we came for, so let’s say...hope to see you next year!

The G”

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