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Sunday, 06 January 2008




Stefan Gimpl starts into New Year with a victory / More than 7.000 spectators in Graz

Stefan Gimpl celebrates back-to-back win over the turn of the year:
The 28-years-old rider from Austria secured his career’s third World Cup win in front of more than 7.000 enthralled spectators at the open air area of the trade fairy in Graz. In the final of the fourth out of six Big Airs of the NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup 2007/2008, he relegated Matti Kinnunen (FIN, 16.4) to the second spot earning 25.6 points for his “Cab 1080”. In the battle for third, Petja Piiroinen (FIN, 25.0) – the younger brother of last year’s winner Peetu Piiroinen – successfully competed against Norway’s Kim-Andre Eliasen (20.0) who was victorious in yesterday’s European Cup.

Like at the last Big Air event in Sofia December 2007, the Austrian snowboard crack showed a stunning performance on the board and the ramp. In the eighth final he was able to knock out Marius Haaker leaving no chance to the Norwegian with 25.7 points. Also in the quarter and semi finals, his opponents Alessandro Boyens (GER) and Kim-Andre Eliasen had to admit that there was no way to beat Gimpl who had taken World Cup Gold in Klagenfurt 2006 the first time ever. The OESV boarder’s riding was too solid.

Only once, Gimpl was doubtful of the victory when his final opponent Matti Kinnunen got down to business. The rider from Finland threw in a “BS 900 Double Rodeo” but wasn’t able to stick it. But the qualification runner-up from Austria knew that he had to put the pressure up on Kinnunen. 25.6 points for a nearly perfect “Cab 1080” was more than useful for this goal. And after it was clear that the Fin also bailed his second attempt, Gimpl was able to enjoy his home country victory all alone performing a “Frontside 540” in the evening sky of Graz.
“I absolutely enjoyed the riding today. It’s always great fun to perform in your home country”, said the winner after the final all smiles. But he didn’t forget to pay some respect to Kinnunen: “If he would have landed his double rodeo he should have won. I don’t do these things anymore. I’m too old for that. This is something for the young guns.”

Second ranked Matti Kinnunen said about his amazing trick: “Well, it was against Stefan Gimpl. So, I had no choice but to risk something.” That it didn’t work out wasn’t that disappointing for the 20-years-old: “After St. Petersburg 2006 it was the second time for me on the podium. After the second rank I brought my back and missed a whole season. So, I’m very comfortable with this comeback.”

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