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Monday, 07 January 2008




SWITZERLAND is reportedly trying to cut down on the number of skiing accidents - by introducing SPEED CAMERAS onto the slopes. It's in the Sun....must be true!? State-run company Swiss Accident Insurance (Suva), is said to have brought in the speed traps as part of a safety campaign aimed at reducing the number of winter sport-related accidents.

Officials carrying hand-held radar gadgets will be out to catch speeders - who could have their ski pass confiscated or get stung with a fine.

The scheme is said to have been prompted by figures showing a dramatic increase in ski-related accidents in Switzerland.
Reports suggest there were over 70,000 accidents on Swiss ski slopes last year.

Suva spokeswoman Angela Zobrist said: “This is not another fun-spoiling campaign of the health and safety brigade and we don’t intend to raise a warning finger to all snow sport lovers.

"It is a genuine safety concern. You do not realise how fast you go, which can prove to be really dangerous if you impact with another skier or have any other incident.”

The scheme - which started on the 5th Jan - will affect resorts including St Moritz, Zermatt and Davos.
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