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Saturday, 16 February 2008




Rixon Boarddock is the system for hanging your beloved board on the wall. Your snow-, kite-, wake- or skimboard has cost too much to be seen only a few weeks a year.

So don’t only use your board to board with, but use it also as the ultimate decoration. afb3_over.jpg

Rixon makes it possible to hang your board up with only 2 wall fixtures. The Boarddock is not expensive, compact and subtle. It is also very easy to take your board out of the wall fitting and to put it back in later.

The 2 wall fittings make the Rixon system unique. These fixtures are developed in a certain way so that various kinds of boards can be hung perfectly. Kite-, skim- and wakeboards can be fixed horizontally as well as diagonally and snowboards can even be hang up vertically.

The wall fittings are produced from a strong but soft material whereby your board will not be damaged in any way. Rixon Boarddock can be ordered in three colors: black, grey and white.

One of the most important advantages of this system is that it is very easy to take your board out of the brackets and to put it back in later.

The Rixon Boarddock is easy to assemble; it has to be done in a certain way which is clearly described and illustrated in the instruction guide. 

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The Rixon Company

The first Boarddock was sold on 7th September 2006. It became clear very quickly that there was a lot of interest in a simple and cheap system for hanging up boards. Thanks to articles in various board magazines the Boarddock has started gaining in popularity. Already after a couple of months the system grown into a true success.
Rixon works with few middlemen and is only active on the internet, in this way we are able to offer our product at a very low price. Originally Rixon was only active in Belgium and the Netherlands but it was soon decided to enlargen the market. On 30th August 2007 the new Rixon site was launched. This site, in 3 languages, makes it possible to spread our product over the whole world. The Rixon company makes use of 4 different distribution points.

 I hope to be able to write a review soon.

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