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Tuesday, 26 February 2008






I managed to get myself along to Livingston`s single release party last night. I wasnt really sure what to expect because I hadnt heard them before but like that last swig of tequila when the worm goes down I got more than I bargained for.

I walked into the Metro bar in central London and found the support band was fronted by a bloke who seemed to be more interested in clambering over monitors and standing in poses with his arms flexed than anything else. In the one song I saw of theirs there were also a few too many of those Lynyrd Skynyrd sweet home alabama mike stand salutes for my taste.

But a mere few minute and one becks later Livingston was up. They opened up with a very Tool-esque intro and I imidiately liked it. There guitarist reminded me of a flamboyant Edge and proved quite the percussionist on occasions throughout the set. Lead vocalist Beukes Willemse has a fantastic voice, just as good live as it is in their studio stuff (which has seen its fair share of ear time today). It did go in a more kinda placebo, alternative rock direction but has a distinct feel and Livingston put on an excellent performance given their venue. Their single 'One Good Reason' is catchy enough to get your feet tapping but not radio 1 enough to annoy you. I enjoyed the slightly more haunting 'Silence' and their fantastic instrumental sign-off as they closed the show.

I have a long standing skepticism of partying on Monday nights but this one was loads of fun and I discovered a little something I have no qualms about adding to my record collection. Check them out they are already doing pretty well for themselves and with any luck will soon be on a stage near you!

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