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Thursday, 06 March 2008





Your age?

Your achievements?
1st O´Neill Pro Freestyle 06, 3rd European Open 06, 1st Intergirlactik 07, 2nd NZn open 07, 1st Fructis Big Air 07, 3rd EU Chicken jam, 2nd XGames12 08

How you got there?
I got big support from my Crew the KKSurfers, they helped me to get my tricks one. Also my family and friends were supporting me the last few years. A big espect to all of you, thanks a lot!

By luck?
Yep, i was lucky to bump into my crew.

By passion?
Only because of the passion. The moment i have on the mountain is nothing to compare with because when i tighten up my boots in the gondola everything is gone, nothing matters anymore.

Why snowboarding?
Because it's fun, and I love to push myself.

Why not an other sport?
There are too many rules in other sports, snowboarding means freedom to me.

I stopped working and started snowboarding. I had no money in my pocket but the passion offered me the right way.

What are the hardship you have encountered?
Luckily life is good to me!

Your best moment?
I had already a lot of sick moments, one of them was riding sunset pow lines. the snow was pink, that was amazing.

Your worst?
Getting hurt.

You titles?
I wish i could be a Dr. but for now I am Miss Austria (hihi:)

Your future projects?
Stumping tricks in the pow.

How do you see your future?

What you want to do later?
Later? That's a good question! I don't want to think too much in the future, the moment is what counts.

Your favorite sportsman/women?
Jutta Kleinschmidt, she was the first women to win the 2001 Rallye Dakar.

What would you advise to a young girl wanting to become a pro rider?
Ride hard as much as you can and be patient! Ride on!


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