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Tuesday, 20 July 2010




Chris Brunkhart is a photographer from the Northwest who spent snowboarding’s golden years documenting our culture. As the young “sport” exploded, Brunkhart traveled the world on assignment for the mags and shot with the legends like Craig Kelly and Jamie Lynn

hmditd.jpgIn those days—the 90s—Brunkhart’s images could be seen all over. There were lots of black and whites, enigmatic riders in far-flung locations and stormy days at Baker. And now, with the release of his forthcoming, self-published book How Many Dreams In The Dark? The Photography Of Chris Brunkhart we’ll be transported back in time. Transworld got Brunkhart on the phone to answer a few questions about this book and the conversation rambled a bit about his process, the legends, and the old days.

Read Transworlds interview with Chris Brunkhart author of How Many Dreams In The Dark?

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