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Monday, 06 August 2007

by Hamish Duncan
Before you approach this trick, you need to be consistently good at 50-50's on both flat and angled rails in the snowpark. Once you've got them sussed (as far as to say you can do 'em as good as Jeremy Jones) then head to the handrail.

The handrail needs to be long enough to slide decently - but not 40 stairs with cheese-grater steps and a 50-foot drop on one side. Once you're there build a little kicker if you need one, and make a nice smooth run in. After that's done test it for speed, you need to be going reasonably fast so that you don't have to pop as much.

OK, get sorted and comfortable, visualise what you've gotta do, and drop in. You need to take a line straight away, which will leave out any turns. Turns are only gonna wreck your balance, which means you'll have to suss out the right drop-in point.

Get down low and prepare for the kicker. Remember to visualise that trick the whole way, if its dialled in your head then you can dial it on the rail. Go to your Happy Place.

Hit the lip using a little bit of pop to get you up there, but not so much that would send you over the top. You need to be centred over the board but also ready to slightly lean into the angle of the rail.

You're comin' down onto the rail now. You should be lookin' a foot or so down the rail so that your line's right. If you're gonna shit yourself this isn't the time to do it. Get ready for the clink.

You should be bang on it now with your weight central and your board directly down the rail. If it feels good and everything looks OK then stay there, but if something is not right then now is the time to get off.

So everything's good and you're halfway there to being a jib superstar for the day. Keep it held and start thinking about coming off.

Your coming to the end now, just relax, all your gotta do is drop off.
It's nearly over. You're coming down on the landing so get ready to sink into it. You should still be central and your board should be nice and level for a good stomp.

You've landed, sink into it so that you don't break your knees.

Stand up, ride away, take your board off, be stoked for a bit. You've got two options now walk away whilst declaring that you're over handrails and are more into New School powder riding or get back up to the top and learn some more badass tricks on this bitch

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