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0-21 Snowboarding was started back in Jan 2003, by me [Lee Everson]. I was on my 2nd or 3rd snowboarding holiday and was still in the throes of finding my perfect stance.  Now it was late and as per any good boarding holiday, I had a few too many beers, hot toddy, schnapps etc and so it probably wasn't the best time to be playing with binding angles.

That said, I did settle on one setting that just felt right  0° on the back and 21° on the front. 0-21 was born.....Don't know why but it sounded like a good name for a website. 

On our return from holiday I bought the domain and here we are.  It's still a personal website but I get a helping hand from a few other people.

The site has gone through a few redesigns in its time, but the last was all written long hand and while it served its purpose just fine, I wanted to be able to easily extend the site and add new features without too much hassle (I still have a day job to do).  So in Aug 2007 I started migrating the hundreds of news articles over to the new framework. 

I hope you enjoy it......


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