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Monday, 06 August 2007

The backside 180 is a basic trick that's as stylish as hell and takes a lot of control to master.

The first thing you want to think about when you're going a backside 180 on jump is to get the perfect speed. You don't want to end up short or too long because you can't really see the landing, so if you screw up you probably can't do too much about it. OK, if you think you have the right speed try to pop and at the same time rotate your body just a little bit to the right (or left if you're goofy), not too much as you don't want to over-rotate and catch your toe edge. Do it almost as if you would do a straight air, just think "right" or "left".

Next comes the interesting part. If everything we said before went well you'll be feeling like you have a lot of control and you can do whatever you want. So, choose which grab you want and tweak it as much as you want.

Now, look underneath you between your legs, release the grab and try to spot the perfect landing. If you landed it, ride away happy. If you didn't, go up and try it again because sometimes it's just bad luck.


That's the way it is if you want to do backside 180s, you don't stick them all the time. Good luck


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