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Monday, 06 August 2007
by Joshua aka Angry Boy
This is a pretty advanced trick but in my opinion nowhere near as hard as you'd think it would be. If you stick to a sensible obstacle at first and are comfortable with your frontside boardslides then you should pick it up in no time at all and it's well worth learning 'cause you're gonna get nuff props off the other park users and as you know it's all about showing off.


First things first you obviously need to have your frontside boardslides nailed, preferably in a facing forwards leg turned stylee as this reduces the rotation you need to put into your shoulders by about 90. On top of that you gotta be spinning your cabs smoothly, you might get away with just having cab 1s in the bag but you really wanna have cab 3s nailed, especially if you're thinking of hitting the rail totally blind and coming off to fakie.

Stage 1...

First you got to choose your obstacle of choice, I'd say go with a gas pipe if you can as - due to the fact they're a lot slower slide - they're far more forgiving and they also tend to be pretty low so if (should that be


when) you eat it you won't wreck yourself too much. To get ready for it do a few frontside boardslides and then some cab 180s to 50-50 as this is only 90 degrees off what you're aiming for

Stage 2...

Now the time to go for it, what's you're aiming to do is spin your body exactly as you did for the cab 1s to 50-50 but as you're extending your legs to land on the pipe push them another 90 degrees planting the board into a FS boardslide. Step by step you'll approach the obstacle with enough speed to get the rotation, you're going to need a bit of air time just to spin around enough. As you get to the kicker open your shoulders up to the slope so they're facing competely down the hill, by doing this as you pop you can twist your legs the whole 270 degrees without really adding any spin to your shoulders. Because you're not twisting your body at all then you're only going to be able to come off to normal really as there's no way you can get the extra 90 degrees of rotation to fakie with your shoulders in that position, you're already well twisted up.

Stage 3...

Assuming you're on something small you ain't going to be sliding too long so watch where you're going and as you come off the end of the pipe bring your legs back 90 degrees and stomp your landing into the snow with the appearance of as little effort as possible. Ride away with your upper body limp (don't forget the afterbang) and then go and get respect from your crew.

Once you've got these nailed then you can attempt to take them around to fakie. I reckon these are harder because you have to do the FS boardslide in an arse out hand facing up the rail fashion and you're also gonna land on the rail blind, if you prefer your FS boardslides this way then you may find it easier but personally I don't think so. Here goes...
Stage 1...

Approach the rail with the same speed as before and again open your shoulders up but this time you're gonna go for an underrotated cab 3 instead of an over rotated cab 1. As you can already do cab 3s you should be fine on how to do this but in case you can't and just like pushing yourself to sillynew heights I'm going to explain. As you hit the kickers with your shoulders open to the slope you're going to pop as before but this time as well as turning your shoulders 90 you're going to have to turn your head back up the slope too, this means that as your legs come around under you you're going to spot your landing looking directly down the same way as you do with a backside 180. See where you're gonna land and push your board onto the rail making sure your base is flat to the pipe.

Stage 2...

Hold onto the slide and stomp it to fakie, simple as that. Again 'cause you're on something small this is gonna take no time at all so you'll probably land and be off the rail to fakie before you know it as with your head turned that way your body's still gonna want to carry on rotating when you land so fakie will come as no problem. Don't let the shock of landing it show on your face though, you wanna look like you nail 'em in your sleep.
Once you've got these nailed on something small you wanna start taking them to bigger obstacles or alternatively do them on proper rails where you're coming in from the side rather than straight on. If you're doing them on something with a bit of height then do them as if you were going to fakie but carry on turning your head when you're on the rail and you should be able to get them 270 off too. If you're coming from the side then you can either come FS to the rail and it'll be cab 270 to FS Boardslide or you can come BS to the rail, do the same motion, and make it a cab 270 to BS Lipslide. If you're doing these though you're going to have to spin over the 270 and get your rear leg up and over the rail and to be honest to you I've never pulled on of these off myself so I probably ain't the best teacher.

Good luck

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