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Monday, 06 August 2007
In this section of 0-21 you will find anything you need to know about Snowboarding, Bindings, Boots and more. We have information on boarding technique and information for newbs.
the basics
Basically, snowboarding technique is closer to skateboarding and surfing than skiing. If you are a skier, your knowledge of edge control, snow, unweighting and general balance and co-ordination will come in handy, but you will have a lot to un-learn.
  setting your stance
Neil McNab was giving talks on snowboarding techniques at The Dail Mail Ski and Snowboard Show.
board maintenance
Good maintenance of your snowboard will help to keep you and you stick together for years to come. With that in mind, the following 5 simple steps have been created to keep your servicing money in your pocket and out of the shops!
  sticker up
People like to make jokes about my constant need for new equipment, and yes, they are all so funny. Some of my favorites include, oh look, this board is dirty, I need a new one, or, oh look, my stickers are peeling, time for a new board
hints and tips
With any sport there are always faux pas, such as skating mongo footed (pushing with your front foot), and snowboarding is no exception.

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