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Monday, 06 August 2007

by Ryan Davis
The switch backside 360 is very respected amongst snowboarders because in the right hands it's a very stylish move that looks easy to the tourists, but is in fact quite hard to do right, what with it being a fakie to fakie move.

Ryan Davis finds them easy, but then he finds everything easy.

If you are only just ready to attempt a regular backside 360, that's ok, all the following applies to those too, except the last bit.

I like this trick cos it takes no effort on big kickers and you can tweak it nice with an Indy. Also, it is dead easy to spot your landing 'cos you can see it from halfway through the trick, that is, after the first 180.

Ride up to the jump just relaxed. You don't have to be mega compressed when you leave the kicker 'cos yer only doin' a 360.

Keep your eyes on the end of the take off, and just as you get to the end of the kicker, just turn your head and shoulders (as late as possible). Try not to spin into it too hard and try not to carve off the kicker or put too much of an edge in.

Grab the board as soon as possible and then just keep looking round until you can see your landing.

Just before your landing comes into vision it might be an idea just to tweak it dude, tweak it (depending on how comfy you're feeling)

From this point you just gotta hold on and enjoy the ride (whilst still keepin' your eyes on the landing).

You should be aiming to land on your toes, but the first couple of times you can get away with landing either on your heels or on your nose first and swinging it round.

When you've stomped your stick down comfortably, it might be an idea to switch round before going too out of control.

Good luck shredders.

Easy Now, Ryan

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