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Monday, 06 August 2007
In this section of 0-21 you will find everything you need to know about Snowboarding.
what is snowboarding
Encyclopedia Britannica from Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service: Winter sport that evolved from skateboarding and surfing.
  why go snowboarding
Many different people enjoy Snowboarding for many different reasons. At some time in their life they decided that snowboarding does look like a lot of fun and that they should give it a try.
history of snowboarding
In 1964 a young surf freak called Sherman Poppen was dreaming about surfing the magic winter landscape of the Rockies. As a consequence, he built a surfboard for the snow.
  styles of snowboarding
Snowboarding Style is very important in the world of snowboarding and it will largely determine how you snowboard, with what equipment/gear and where you will be riding.

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