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State Your Allegiance
Monday, 16 June 2003





Where? - Gloucester Dry Slope

When? - October 4th 2003, 1 til 11pm


“State your Allegiance” is approaching us!! The day of reckoning is sooner than you think! October 4th will see the best pro and amateur skiers and Snowboarders in the land come together and do war against one another. The event will also see a large number of Universities and Dry Ski Slope clubs fight it out for the vast amount of prizes on offer, but who will win the most coveted trophy in the Snowboard calendar “The Iron fist”? I bet it’s not those smelly farmers from Norwich, or the crazy Scots from Hillend, or even the High Wycombe crew and those gravy slurping, ale drinking fruit cakes from Sheffield and Halifax. I’ve got a funny feeling that Tommy Bowers and Dan Wakeham are taking the trophy back to Plymouth!
The day will have three main events: dual slalom, slope style, and big air to finish off the day:

• The dual slalom will consist of teams of 5 competitors battling it in heats of two, a system of “winner stays in the competition” will occur, so that as much time as possible is saved. Unfortunately we do not have the time to run a league system. The overall winners in each category will be rewarded with prizes and maximum points, the points will be rewarded corresponding to a team’s position.

• Next up, the slope style event. This event will consist of a large number of obstacles, all placed in strategic positions. Each obstacle will be sponsored by a different company or shop, the most stylish, technical or most gutsy tricks performed on each obstacle will be rewarded with prizes from the corresponding sponsor. The obstacles will include:

• 2 Snowflex hips.
• 2 narrow Snowflex jumps.
• 1 large rainbow rail.
• 1 gentle doublewide rainbow rail.
• 1 large Dendex kicker.
• 1 Snowflex quarter pipe.
• 1 S-rail.
• 1 kinked rail.
• 1 small A-frame rail.

The idea of the competition is that competitors have 2 runs to pick the most interesting line down the slope with the most technical and stylish tricks. Competitors will be judged and given a position according to their performance, University competitors will also have a separate category, so that they can get their hands on some of the prizes too! Each position will be given a certain number of points, these will be added to the individuals team score.

• Finally, the big air. This will consist of three jumps per competitor off one of the hips at the top of the run and a large Dendex Kicker at the bottom. Everybody will be judged on style, air-time, technical difficulty, and mental state! The final will involve the top 7 highest scoring competitors, and the top 3 highest scoring University competitors that do not finish in the top seven. This will be the case for both boys and girls categories. We advise that those competitors that want to go upside-down should wear helmets.

At the end of the event the team of five with the most points will be rewarded with the “Iron fist”, nothing dodgy I promise, they will also receive a number of prizes from the sponsors. The winners of each category will also receive prizes, both male and female, student, amateur and pro.

The whole event will be supplied with music all day long by DJ’s Mr Ben (Call of the Wild), Drunkan (Cuba, Plymouth), Waxer (Bus Stop, Plymouth), Monkey Butler (Rent a box), and the Break Brothers (Concrete Generation). If you would like to spin your records just bring your box along!! We are hoping to obtain a few Snowboarding and Skiing legends to Mc the event, but there seem to be difficulties in trying to find enough alcohol to bribe them.
The bar will be open all afternoon, Fosters is around £2.00 for a pint and 1666 around £2.30, for all you Northern folk bitter is considerably cheaper so we hope to see you all getting involved. We are still in talks with the clubs and venues around Gloucester to sort out a venue for the night’s shenanigans, but it looks like an after-party could be held very close to the slope. The entrance fee to the event will include entrance to the after-party, where we are hoping to have a few Bands playing, Fastlane look set to headline the evening’s proceedings. A camp site is being searched for as you read this letter, this will be at an extra cost but should cost very little compared to a Posthouse Forte or whatever the alternative is.
DP7 events hope to see you all at “State your Allegiance”, hopefully we can all make it a real success and have a good laugh in the process. Entrance fees will be posted as soon as possible but at the moment it is looking like £10 per person to compete when pre-booked by printing a form off of the internet, and £12 on the day for adults, £10 for under 18’s. The entrance fee will include an event T-shirt, entrance to the after-party if you are over 18, and whatever prizes you collect during the course of the day. It will cost £3.50 to be a spectator at the event, but this will include entrance to the after-party, entrance into a prize-draw, and an event T-shirt. We are also hoping that a lot of the country’s ski, snowboard and student media turn up to report the event, there is a possibility that the event could be aired on the Extreme Channel.

Thanks for spending time to read this article; we hope to see you at the event. If you have any queries please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or check out the website www.dp7.co.uk. It would be ideal if you could forward this e-mail to as many people as possible, to spread the word of the revolution!

Until then,

Team DP7

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