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AZZPADZ anatomically correct tailbone protectors now available in the UK
Sunday, 18 January 2004





By popular demand, AZZPADZ, the anatomically correct tailbone protectors from Canada, are now available in the UK, offering British snowboarders superior protection, mobility and comfort.

For most riders, snowboarding is a 'contact sport', but no one should be turned off riding because of a preventable tailbone injury. Isn't it appropriate that the Canadians, with more boarders per capita than any nation, should take the lead in covering your AZZ?

Invented by boarders for boarders, AZZPADZ were the first tailbone protectors ever to incorporate a hard shell. Painfully aware of the deficiencies of the foam-only and Lycra shorts offerings on the market, a pair of snowboarding enthusiasts (and part-time inventors) decided to take matters into their own hands. The resulting patented design has several advantages including a curved shape to fit the body, a lightweight adjustable harness for easy wearing and removal on the mountain, and tri-layer padded plastic shell to effectively cushion a fall. Invaluable both to beginners, who want to ensure they have a pleasurable learning experience, and to experts who want some insurance against the occasional fall, AZZPADZ are the solution to worry-free riding for all.

Reactions from the snowboard community have been very positive: "I recommend as much protection gear as you can get while snowboarding! The AZZPAD is one of the best pieces of equipment I've used so far." Scott Richards, Snowboard Instructor, B.C., Canada

AZZPADZ have been covering North American boarders since 1997, but savvy British snowboarders, knowing a good product when they saw it, have also been ordering them from Canada for several years. Now no one need settle for cheeky imitators or foam-only protection: AZZPADZ, the original tailbone protection, are now available in the UK and Europe through SportStudio, a venture dedicated to bringing new and innovative sports products to the UK.

AZZPADZ can be ordered online at www.sportstudio.co.uk

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