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Snow Awards
Wednesday, 03 March 2004





snow awards

1.5 million of you the British public visit the mountains to ski & board each year. You spend over 1 billion pounds doing this.

The Snow Awards are giving you, the British Snowsport public an opportunity to nominate & vote for companies, brands and services over 30 categories we feel represent this industry.

"We need to reward who you feel is making winter sports special in the UK. Our informed & impartial panel have put forward nominations over the 30 categories for you to vote on. If you don't agree with them or would like to add what you think, then do so. You can nominate your own choices or vote on our experts choices, your opinion is important to all of us."

cast your votes now at www.snowawards.co.uk

and don't forget 0-21 we need 50 nominations to get listed, follow the link above then click 'Vote NOW' register/login and on the right hand side under the 'moreINFO' heading click 'Don't agree? Nominate Here' scroll down to 'Best Winter Website' and type in www.0-21.co.uk

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