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Powered Snowboard Gets Patent
Friday, 23 April 2004





James Decker of Jimmyd’z Powered Snowboard Company L.L.C., has just received patent approval for his engine powered snowboard, The Snow CarverTM.

Mansfield, OH __ April 18, 2004 -- Powered Snowboarding is born in the Midwest. No need to travel hundreds of miles to get your winter snowboard session fix. Jimmy just received his first patent. (Patent Office. U.S #6,698,540 and has more to come)

Enthusiastic snow boarders now have a new snow toy being manufactured for the rolling terrains of the Midwestern snow belt. Jimmy has designed a patented power transfer device that attaches a motorized track to the rear of any snowboard. He uses a 134 c.c. 2 stroke Power BeeTM engine by US Motor Power, Inc. and a 10-inch wide snowmobile type rubber track to propel the snowboard.

The patented power transfer apparatus uses various combinations of springs, weights and counter balance controls, letting the natural body motion control turns and carving. A small hand-held switch controls the variable speed of the power board and the experience is very exhilarating on land with smooth rolling terrain.

For information:
Contact Michael Holloway

Phone: 419-747-2400

Fax: 419-747-4454



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