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Riding in Warmer Conditions
Saturday, 01 May 2004





Just got back from a weekend in slushy wet snow… Tuned a bunch of boards for an event at Boreal, on the north shore of Tahoe. Board after board came up to the booth with goopy sticky crap on the bottom… What was happening was that all the dirt and diesel from the cats was sticking to the softened wax that was built up on the board. I was shocked to see how much wax was applied not from nose to tail – but from side to side, or even in circles! These folks were all complaining about how friggin slow their boards were… no kidding!!!

So here is the tip:

When you are riding in warmer conditions always start with a clean base. How do you clean your base?

1 :: Simply spray or wipe our Quick Strip Base Cleaner, onto the base, and wipe off all the crap that is there… Use a rag that you do not care about because the crud that comes off your board will likely not come off the rag.

2 :: Once the base is clean and dry, apply your wax (applying always from nose to tail). The best formula in warm wet conditions is our wax called Orange Crush. It has a formula that repels the water (by causing it to bead up). Rub on this hard wax first. You can rub it on, or melt it on, its up to you. After applying it, lightly scrape the board from nose to tail to remove excess wax, which also levels the surface. Then lightly brush from nose to tail with our nylon brush. (check our snow products page.)

3 :: I like to follow this step with the optional Speed Paste application. This is really quick and easy to do and adds amazing life to the performance of your board. Simply wipe on the Speed Paste wax applying again from nose to tail. You only need about 6 dime sized dots of the wax which you then spread over the entire surface of the board’s bottom. Let this wax sit (in the sun if possible) for a minute or two. Then wipe off the edges, structure again very lightly with your nylon brush, (optional) and go ride.

NOTE: Always carry your board with the bottom surface AWAY from you, or the wax will end up rubbing off on your clothing and slow the performance of the board.

This is more information then the simple tip I started out to provide. If you want… just clean your base, and apply speed paste to the bottom, from nose to tail.

Then – go ride.

In summary, I love to tweak and tune and squeeze performance out of snowboards… Nothing is better then comparing notes with our team on how they use our products too. If you have any tips to share, send them my way… This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kevin Campion
Poorboy USA
1800 poorboy
1 805 550 5562 cell

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