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The search is on for the most active skiing pensioners
Wednesday, 16 February 2005




A national campaign to find the UK's most active skiing pensioners was launched by Powergen Staywarm with the backing of the sport's national body, Snowsport England (formerly the English Ski Council).
Powergen Staywarm, part of E.ON UK, is looking for nominations for active over-60s skiers in the UK – they might not be up to Olympic standards but they could be in with the chance of striking gold with a £100 cash reward.
The nominations are being sought as part of the Stay Active campaign recently launched by Powergen Staywarm – the fixed price electricity and gas service exclusively designed for the over-60s.

Chairman of the Snowsport England, Sandy Telling, met Powergen Staywarm advisor, Shirley Goodey, to help kick start the campaign at the Ski and Snowboard Centre in High Wycombe.
Sandy said: “Skiing is not only a great way to keep fit and healthy but also a means of socialising and making new friends. I hope that many older people will be encouraged to take up the sport as a result of this campaign.”
Shirley said: “We're not looking for the next Olympic champions we just want to hear about people who like to keep active with regular exercise, particularly through skiing.
“So, if you're an over-60s skier, or if you're part of a group with a strong contingent of over-60s, then we'd like to hear from you.”

Powergen Staywarm will be selecting individuals and groups from the area for a Stay Active Award of £100, which can be used to help the winners continue their active lifestyles or to encourage others to join them.
Statistics show that we all take less and less exercise as we get older and, by the time we reach 60, few of us take any regular exercise at all. Just 32% of men in England aged between 55 and 64 do the recommended 30 minutes of exercise most days (in Scotland it's 26%) and for women in England it's only 21% (with Scottish women at 19%). For 65- to 74-year-olds, the figures drop to 17% of men (14% in Scotland) and 12% of women (8% in Scotland)?.
As part of the Stay Active campaign, Powergen Staywarm will also be using NHS guidelines to help spread vital advice to older people on ways to keep mobile. The advice outlined in NHS Keep Warm, Keep Well leaflets will be distributed by Powergen Staywarm advisers at meetings across the community.
“Moving around generates extra body heat, so any kind of activity will help to keep you warm,” said Professor Ian Philp, the Department of Health's National Director for Older People's Services.
“We advise older people, who are able to, to undertake moderate exercise, such as walking, as it provides real health benefits if you do it regularly all year round. We're delighted Stay Active is encouraging people who can do so to enjoy active lifestyles.”
For a nomination form or further details on Powergen Staywarm please call 0800 1 694 694

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