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Anne-Flore's Oakley girls camp experience!!
Saturday, 10 November 2007





If you read our BrOADER[week] from 2 weeks ago with Anne-Flore, you might remember that the demoiselle was telling us about going to Hintertux for the Oakley women snowboard camp. Well seems like she had a good time! Check out how it went for her.

Anne-Flore & girls

“Hello my name is Anne-Flore I come from Euroland, I hate cigarette smoke. I love chocolate, dancing, ice cream, karaoke, yoga, laughing and surfing. My favorite colour is blue.. sometimes purple.. My favorite trick is bs 180.. easy but fantastic sensation!
This is how the camp started.. Silli, Gretchen, some Radler, all the girls and I..

I’m not sure if I can teach anything… besides how to brake your arm, knee and nose.. but anyways these girls are all here to have fun and fun snowboarding! That I can do for sure!!


Read more at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/Wwwsnowbroadereu/~3/182455887/.

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