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Tuesday, 20 November 2007





A doctor, whose daughter died in a snowboarding accident, is trying to prevent other parents from the grief of losing a child on California ski slopes. He announced the formation of the California Ski and Snowboard Safety Organization. 

24-year-old Jessica Gregorie was getting ready to snowboard at Alpine Meadows when she slipped on some ice and rapidly accelerated into an uncontrollable slide over a cliff.

Jessica died of massive injuries in February of 2006. Her father announced a non profit organization he created. It suggest safety changes to ski resorts in California. It's his chance to push for tighter regulations for signage on the slopes and the reporting of deaths and major injuries at resorts.

"We're never going to prevent every accident. However, I think we can improve things substantially," says Jessica's father, Dan Gregorie M.D.

Gregorie was joined by Assemblyman Dave Jones. He says the California Ski And Snowboarding Organization is necessary.

"I think it's necessary to underscore the approach."

San Francisco supervisor, Angela Alioto Pier, is a trustee for the new organization. She knows resorts have to be safer. Her three children will soon start skiing.

"I broke my back in a ski lift accident. I was in a chair lift that fell and I was in it. I want to make sure that the mountains are safe for them and their friends as they are growing up. This is one way for me to participate," says Pier.

California Ski Industry Association member, Bob Roberts, says the industry already has many regulations. He says the industry will listen to the new organization.

"Were not looking or discouraging. We have to sit down and really take a look at some of the concrete ideas the doctor proposes."

Thirty-six other states have the types of regulations the doctor is proposing.

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