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Imperium snowboards by Demir Julia
Wednesday, 21 November 2007





demir julia for snowbroader.eu

Imperium snowboards! Yeah baby! Probably THE raising European brand with the strongest personality to arrive on the scene this past years.

As we announced, during the Mondial du snowboard, we decided to focus on “smaller” brands, but brands with a real soul and passion, brands looking to bring something new to the industry.
And you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that the founders of those kind of brands are none else than hardcore riders who have been on the scene since many, many years, have been through the ups and downs of modern snowboarding and want to leave today, their cornerstone to the foundations of European snowboarding.

So in our first episode, we bring you Imperium and Demir Julia, who founded the company 3 years ago.
Step by step, Demir and his crew have managed to create the core image of Imperium, an image deeply inspired by latin history and values. Step by step, Demir has been able to convince some of the best European riders to join his Legion, and step by step Imperium is building its reputation with high quality products and designs.
Listen to Demir and I’m sure you’ll understand the meaning of core!

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We are 200% behind Imperium because that’s why we love snowboarding: for these smaller brands with personality, for this spirit that reminds us of the early years of snowboarding when riding was actually hardcore, and when we were all supporting true snowboard brands and not skiing companies…so what about you? Are you going to support your local snowboard brand?

Read more at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/Wwwsnowbroadereu/~3/188176935/.

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