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Friday, 23 November 2007





“15 years old Mikkel lives a good life with his mother in Oslo. Here he has heaps of friends and spends most of his day on a skateboard. When his mum gets a new job, Mikkel has to move to a small village and start all over. In this village skateboard no longer matters and snowboard is the new big thing. To be accepted by the new kids, Mikkel has to go into training. On top of that he falls in love with the girlfriend of the villages best snowboarder.”

Ha ha! That’s the plot of the swedish action picture movie SWITH that hit the screens in late October.
We haven’t seen it and we don’t speak swedish anyway but if you saw it let us know what you thought about it, and about the way snowboarding is represented.
From where we stand, the funny thing is that Peter Stormare is playing in it. Some of you might remember him as a nihilist in The Big Lebowski… ;)

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