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Thursday, 29 November 2007




After a year of success, SkiMovieMusic.com is now welcoming its sister site online. RiderTunes.com debuts on the Internet today, and as Ski Movie Music does with ski soundtracks, Rider Tunes makes the music from snowboard movie soundtracks easy to find and even easier to legally download.

“It was a natural progression to become a resource for snowboarders too,” said Jesse Lakes, the founder and editor of what is now the largest ski music site on the Internet. 

Lakes said that within a few months of its release, Ski Movie Music had become a major resource for skiers. In its first year the site tripled its content to nearly 100 different ski movie soundtracks, and the daily web traffic keeps growing along with the soundtracks. 

“People like using the site so they tell their friends and then help us add more soundtracks,” Lakes said. “It’s a great cycle that benefits everyone.” 

The community that has grown around Ski Movie Music includes skiers from across the globe, with a large percentage from outside the U.S. and Canada. The site hit a tipping point in September when ski movie producers realized the potential and began sending their soundtrack lists to the site with requests to be added.

Rider Tunes makes its initial release today with more than 50 soundtracks, and Lakes is positive it will grow even more quickly than its predecessor.

“We are shooting for 150 soundtracks by the end of the season and we hope to be as complete as possible by the beginning of next winter.”

Those itching to make their first turns of the year and needing something to get them stoked now have a couple of choices. It just depends on whether their preference is for one board strapped to their feet or two. And if they don’t see their favorite soundtrack listed, they can simply request it, it will be added, and they will be credited for helping to make the site the success that it has become.

SkiMovieMusic.com and RiderTunes.com are part of NiftyTricks Media, the Missoula-born, University of Montana-bred, dot-com vision of Jesse Lakes and friends. 



songs from the shred is another very good source for snowboard songs!


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