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Erik Botner's "Home sweet home" week
Monday, 03 December 2007





Monday? guess what ?…Yeah! It’s time for a new BrOADER[week]!
This time, we have the young Norwegian ripper Erik Botner in featuring.
Erik tells us everything about his 7 coming days!

erik botner snowbroader
“Hey Guys!
This week I’m gonna ride the pre-season in Breckenridge. I have been here since the 14 of November and it’s so fun to ride here. At the moment there’s a cool rail line and two jumps in a line. Yesterday it has just dumped half a meter of snow and the main park is probably opening in a couple of days. That’s gonna be sick!!
The cool thing here now is that there is so many Norwegian guys, so it’s just like being home riding.. Always funny, riding with the people you always have been riding with back home..
When i’m going back home the 7 of dec, I will do the jib-battle in Oslo.
It’s a contest between Norway, Sweden and and a couple of other countries. There is so many good riders doing that contest, so it’s gonna be a hard one for us.
After that i’m gonna do this Norwegian contest called Tacky invitational. Its always so funny and a lot of good riders gonna do it..
After that contest I will start filming street rails back home and where I can find some snow with the best film-crew ever: ISENSEVEN.

Ride on..
Erik Botner

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