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Thursday, 06 December 2007





With the new winter season upon us, and the UK scene thriving, Fear of the Park and Maverix Snowboard Productions are pleased to announce their collaboration!

Working together, Fear of the Park and Maverix aim to offer of a regular view of the UK scene and beyond, by working with riders, photographers and cinematographers to really help publicise what goes on in our thriving UK wintersports scene - from the Air bag nights at Welwyn, to UK rider travels around the world, we will be there to capture the key moments.

This partnership is ideally suited to further promote the core UK snowboard and ski happenings to a wider international audience as both organisations provide different, yet complimentary media resources, creativity and knowledge.

With Fear of the Park (www.fearofthepark.co.uk) being a steadily expanding resource, building a healthy respect within the UK freestyle scene, it's range of articles, features, news, content and not forgetting the extensive photo gallery of the UK and international scene, is only going to benefit from this link up with Maverix, and help further the Fear of the Parks ambitions and objectives.

Maverix (www.maverix.co.uk ) is now on its 31st episode. It has come a long way from its routes as the HJP Crew from Hemel Hempstead dryslope. It was one of the first regular snowboard podcasts in the UK, and helped kick-start the exposure of the UK urban scene.

It has taken you from urban snow mysteries to backyard snowparks in the USA, with stops in Italy, Austria, France, and Switzerland.

With its fun underground feel it has gathered a loyal following that has resulted in over 170,000 video views to date. Fear of the Park and Maverix will be working together to increase the variety and the quality of the material within each podcast.

So keep an eye on, as it is all going to get bigger and better!

If you would like to contribute, get involved, or would like more information, please contact either Fear of the Park or Maverix via the following links:



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