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The Shaun White Interview
Tuesday, 11 November 2003




Originally I wanted to come out and tell you that Shaun White's life is just like any other sixteen-year-old kid's out there– social studies, chasing girls, the usual stuff that goes on for teenagers all across America. But it's not. Most teenagers don't own three houses or buy a 30,000-dollar car with their own money (which is funny in itself, because he won three cars before his sixteenth birthday anyway). And I'll eat my shoe if you can show me another kid who got knocked out while doing a doubles skateboarding run with Bob Burnquist. How many people do you know who have traveled the world a few times over? Or hang out with Tony Hawk? Are tons of your buddies entering Winter X-Games for snowboarding and Summer X-Games for skateboarding? Doubt it, no matter how old you are. Read the article on transworld.com

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